Sharing Our Good News (12/15/23)


A night of holiday joy with secondary music concert

Tis the season!
For those who missed STEM’s Secondary Holiday Music Concert, it was a night filled with beautiful music and classic holiday songs.
A special thanks to Secondary Music Teacher Andrew Gomez for helping create the magic and spread cheer along the way.
A lot of hard work was put in to make the concert happen and we thank all of the students and staff who were involved.

STEM community raises close to $13,000 for STEM staff holiday gift card donations

That’s a wrap!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the STEM Staff Holiday Gift Card Program.  Thanks to your donations, we raised $12,841.00!  That means, every STEM employee will be receiving an $80.00 gift card just in time for the holidays.
The STEM Staff Holiday Gift Card Program is a way for the STEM community to say thank you to the hard working STEM staff.  The total number of donations are divided evenly between STEM’s 157 employees and then given to those employees in the form of a gift card.
In 2022, the STEM community set a record that still stands today, raising $16,695.00 for the program.
We are so grateful for such a generous community and we thank you for another successful year of this fundraising effort!

STEM 2nd graders create hand pollinators

Hand pollinators.
We wouldn’t want to imagine a world without bees doing all of their wonderful work for the planet, but what if it were to ever happen? How would anyone engineer a device to help do the work of bees?
That was the task for STEM 2nd graders this week as part of an ongoing PBL unit. The students had to sketch out their plans, grab their materials and start building hand pollination devices. A fun project and a reality check too of the incredible abilities of bees.

A thank you from STEM teachers for your STEMGives contributions

STEM 3rd graders engineer a sleigh for a happy elf

STEM 3rd graders build sleigh
Building the sleigh!
A group of STEM 3rd graders were excited to get a visit from Daisy, STEM’s therapy dog this week. They also had a chance to show Daisy a fun and interesting PBL unit they are working on in class.
The students engineered a sleigh for their class elf to deliver presents. The elves are so hard at work this holiday season, they appreciate all the help that they can get!

STEM PTO December 2023 update on STEMGives fundraising campaign

Commissioner Laydon is updated on STEM's Evolv system

Safety and technology assessment.
STEM Administrators welcomed Douglas County Commissioner Abe Laydon and other county officials to get an up close look at STEM’s Evolv weapon detection system. STEM is piloting the technology for schools. It is the same system used at the PEPSI Center, Disney World, and other large venues.
Commissioner Laydon and county officials arrived at STEM early this morning to monitor the system as students were entering in both elementary and secondary. After that, they met with STEM and Evolv officials to discuss the pros and cons of the system and hear about how it has been working this school year.
STEM’s Evolv system is funded through a county approved grant. During the grant cycle and pilot period, STEM administrators will continue to analyze the system and its data to determine the best long-term solution to enhance the safety and security on campus. The safety of students and staff is always a top priority at STEM and we will continue exploring innovative approaches while utilizing the latest technology in the field.
For more information about Evolv, visit:
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