Sharing Our Good News (12/16/22)


STEM staff show holiday spirit with ugly sweaters and pajamas

From comfy pajamas to work, to decorative socks and ugly sweaters, STEM staff showed holiday spirit once again this week in a number of creative ways!
Thanks to everyone who participated this week. Not many will turn down an excuse to stay in pajamas all day!

STEM Elementary students celebrate "Holidays Around The World"

India, Bulgaria, Scotland, China and much more! STEM students learned all about how holidays are celebrated around the world. A special thank you to all of our guest speakers who took part in our “Holidays Around The World” experience.
Our elementary students had their eyes opened to how different cultures and regions around the world celebrate the holidays and they got to try some delicious food from those places too!

Photo gallery from STEM Secondary Concert

STEM Kindies deliver talent and innovation at Kindie Concert and PBL Showcase

Thank you to everyone who attended our Kindie Concert and PBL Showcase event.  The kids had a beautiful performance and showcased some of their most creative PBL unit ideas and demonstrations!

Check out our photo gallery to see more from this event.

STEM's Building Renovation project is nearing the finish line

The end of our Building Renovation project is now in sight! A quick check of the progress this week shows that the flooring of the gym is in the process of being installed and the basketball hoops are nearly ready for our players to be draining some buckets!
Next, workers will be installing bleachers and doing touch-up work through the end of the year.
Are you ready to step inside this?

STEM student creates a stunning still life drawing

What an eye catcher! STEM student Maya Kuramoto drew this piece using colored pencil on paper that she had done from observing a still life and finished at home from a photo she took.
The colors are so vibrant! This is now hanging in the main Secondary hallway outside of the art room.
student painting

As part of PBL unit, STEM student creates SBL promo video to help fellow students and staff

Wow, check out this SBL Information video that STEM student Ben Grossman made as part of a PBL unit. Ben noticed that some of his fellow students were struggling with understanding SBL (Standards Based Learning) and what it meant for them.
He took it upon himself to utilize his videography and editing skills to make an informational presentation that was livestreamed via STEM’s YouTube channel to all of Secondary Monday morning.
Ben partnered with members of STEM’s Administration Team to put this together in hopes of assisting with the ongoing education and implementation of SBL. Thank you Ben!
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