Six-Month update with Matt Cartier, KOSON CIO

Update with Matt Cartier (Presentation)

Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Parents,

I am delighted to bring you fantastic news – our Five-Year Charter Renewal has been approved by the DCSD School Board at their meeting this past Tuesday. This success is a direct result of the unwavering dedication and hard work put in by our outstanding faculty and staff, showcasing the remarkable achievements of STEM!

I want to highlight some standout improvements that did not go unnoticed in this process and that deserve celebration:

  • Continued Excellence in STEM Education: Our commitment to providing high-quality education for STEM students has been consistently recognized.
  • Enhanced Support Services: We have made significant strides in improving support services for students facing learning challenges.
  • Focus on Holistic Learning and Mental Health: Our intentional focus on student mental health and holistic learning is evident.
  • Increased Staff Retention: The increased retention of school administrators and teachers reflects the positive work environment we have collectively fostered.
  • Commitment to Satisfaction: A stronger commitment to parent satisfaction and a genuine approach to addressing student, teacher, and parent concerns.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Our school leadership actively seeks increased collaboration with stakeholders, surrounding schools, and the school district.
  • Commitment to Board Best Practice: Significant gains have been made in board make-up, policy governance, training, and committee work.

I extend my sincere gratitude to our students, faculty, and staff for their dedication, passion, and ownership in making these improvements possible.

As we forge ahead, our commitment remains unwavering to work collaboratively and continually refine STEM with the vision of being recognized as one of the very best Problem-Based Learning schools in the nation.

To learn more about our journey, please take a moment to watch this video detailing my first six months as Chief Innovation Officer and what lies ahead for both me and the KOSON Schools organization, the governing organization of STEM School Highlands Ranch.

Additionally, mark your calendars for a special event in April, to delve deeper into ‘The State of STEM.’ Also, be sure to read LynAnn Kovelesky’s message in this week’s newsletter, highlighting the importance of collaboration between students, parents, and teachers as we strive for continuous improvement.

Your ongoing partnership is invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate diligently working to refine and enhance the student learning experience. Together, we create an environment that accentuates your student’s ability to thrive, lead, and succeed in life!

With Gratitude,

Matt Cartier, KOSON CIO

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