STEM Class of 2021 takes part in “Senior Honor Walk”

It was a moving scene outside of STEM School Highlands Ranch, as students and staff bid farewell to the outgoing 2021 STEM Senior Class.  Just after 8 a.m., the seniors made their way out of the High School entrance, and went South along the sidewalk past the Elementary School, doing a full lap until re-entering through the Middle School doors.

Along the path, seniors saw many familiar faces.  They are the faces of teachers, administrators, and support staff, many of whom have helped guide them through the years at STEM.  Some of the seniors have been attending STEM since they were in elementary school.  Joining the staff to cheer them on, were students from every grade level.  Some made signs of encouragement, while others shook noise-makers, whistled, and showed all kinds of support.

With STEM School Highlands Ranch being a K-12, the school is unique in that many of the students have passed through the grade levels over the years, and the school has become very much like a second home to them.  They have grown up with it.

This particular group of seniors, along with future graduating classes, have endured more than most.  Most were present on May 7, 2019.  They had friends, both students and staff who were involved.  Many were directly impacted, and still feel that impact today.  There wasn’t a lot of time to mentally and emotionally recover from that, because then came COVID-19, and the quarantines, and changes in their social and educational environment.  The class has faced immense challenges and obstacles, but today was the culmination of perseverance, determination, and showing the ability to overcome.

Check out this inspiring video below of the walk, and please be sure to congratulation the STEM class of 2021!

STEM Seniors from the Class of 2021 walk towards the Middle School Entrance
STEM Elementary School students eagerly await the arrival of STEM seniors around the corner
The "Senior Honor Walk" at STEM honors the outgoing graduating class by way of salute from all other grade levels at STEM
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