STEM SAC Statement of Support of MLO/BOND Ballot Initiative

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STEM School Highlands Ranch School Accountability Committee
Statement in support of MLO/Bond Ballot Initiative for November 2022 Election

October 2022

We are parent and community members of the STEM School Highlands Ranch School Accountability Committee (SAC), elected by members of our school community to provide accountability in an advisory capacity. As a SAC, we understand that the urgency of funding public education is critical.

In response to the current funding challenges facing the Douglas County School District, we support the $60M mill levy override and $450M bond for capital improvement of schools on the ballot for the November 8, 2022 election for the following reasons:

  • As a charter school in the district, we rely on per-pupil funding from the district for the school’s operational budget. We also rely on the district to support capital funds for enhancing the school environment.
  • The school district wages are well below those of our neighboring districts, resulting in the loss of personnel to other districts.
  • Losing great teachers and staff is not good for our students, school and community.
  • The district has agreed to share the MLO/bond funding equitably across all schools in the district, including STEM School Highlands Ranch.

The MLO/Bond will directly support the STEM School Highlands Ranch mission and vision. If passed by voters, STEM School Highlands Ranch will receive (approximately)

  • $1.4M to go directly to salaries and compensation for all staff (12% increase for teachers and 9% increase for staff)
  • $619,000 to go toward repair and replacement of roof top units

Collectively, we believe it is time for Douglas County to unite in support of our students, staff, and community by voting YES to both 5A & 5B on the November 8, 2022 ballot.


School Accountability Committee, STEM School Highlands Ranch

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