STEM Seniors Honored with Academic Letters

STEM School Highlands Ranch is focused on rewarding Academic Excellence among students. We are excited to announce that students will be recognized through the new Academic Letter Recognition Program. The criteria for earning an Academic Letter is as follows: 

  • Students must achieve a grade point average of 3.8 or above for two consecutive semesters while attending STEM School Highlands Ranch.
  • The recipient of the award will receive an Academic Letter after the first year of earning this accomplishment.
  • A student that achieves this accomplishment for a second year will receive an academic pin.

We are looking at expanding this award to include a third-year award and a fourth-year award in the future. Congratulations to the following seniors that have earned the first Academic Letters in STEM School’s history!   

Abel Bryce Letter
Adler Farren Letter, Pin X2
Allen Sawyer Letter, Pin X2
Bendall Callan Letter, Pin X2
Bernstein Joshua Letter, Pin X2
Bielefeldt Grace Letter, Pin X2
Binger Kaleb Letter, Pin X2
Bobby William Letter, Pin X1
Bodzianowski Karolina Letter, Pin X2
Borisov Nicholas Letter Pin X1
Brady Mason Letter
Broome Jillian Letter, Pin X2
Castaneda Noah Letter, Pin X1
Chambers Ethan Letter, Pin X1
Cho Nathanel Letter Pin X2
Colter Aurora Letter , Pin X1
Connelly Tyler Letter Pin X2
Conway Bryn Letter
Daigler Lauren Letter Pin X2
Deodatus Alphonsus Letter Pin X2
Duarte Lillian Letter Pin X2
Eckert Hannah Letter Pin X2
Erling Kayden Letter, Pin X1
Falkenburg Lily Letter, Pin X1
Farmer Alexander Letter
Fast Erin Letter Pin X2
Fieger Evan Letter
Finley Ronan Letter
Folgoni Borsa Jacopo Letter Pin X2
Franco Evan Letter
Frost David Letter
Fuchs Joanne Letter Pin X2
Geiger Abigale Letter
Geurts Saidee Letter, Pin X1
Gonzales Tyson Letter, Pin X1
Gooding Grant Letter Pin X2
Graber Noah Letter
Greichen Laura Letter
Grove Skyler Letter Pin X2
Hamann Brayden Letter, Pin X1
Hawken Bryce Letter, Pin X1
Hill Samuel Letter Pin X2
Hofer Nathan Letter
Hughes Brianna Letter
Hullinger Joshua Letter, Pin X1
Jeyasankar Kavin Suraj Letter, Pin X1
Johnson Ryleigh Letter Pin X2
Jordan Nyssa Letter Pin X2
Joslin Owen Letter, Pin X1
Juba Malia Letter
Ketter Maxwell Letter, Pin X1
Kho Davyn Letter
Killy Madelyn Letter, Pin X1
Kindred Austin Letter Pin X2
Kindrick Isabella Letter
Kishiyama Ethan Letter
Kline Payton ???
Knight Julian Letter Pin X2
Korn Kenan Letter Pin X2
Kramer Quincey Letter Pin X2
Krawciw Daniel Letter Pin X2
Kuenzli Ian Letter, Pin X1
LaMar Corbyn Letter, Pin X1
Layton Deven Letter Pin X2
Lewis Jadyn Letter, Pin X1
Loptien Kaitlyn Letter
Makhsat Akhniyet Letter Pin X2
Malik Surya Letter Pin X2
Marks Nathan Letter
Marlowe Jake Letter
Martin Veronica Letter
Martinez Isabella Letter Pin X2
Mauch Sean Letter Pin X2
McGuire Cole Letter
Muscianisi Siena Letter
Pacheco Benjamin Letter Pin x2
Paris Kyle Letter Pin X2
Patil Tanvi Letter Pin x2
Prosperi Maria Letter Pin x2
Quam Konrad Letter Pin x1
Railsback Connor Letter Pin X1
Schuster Brandon Letter
Schuster Brandon Letter
Shrewsbury Logan Letter
Slack Emma Letter Pin X2
Smith Brennan Letter
Soto Allie Letter
Sparks Connor Letter Pin X1
Springer Audrey Letter Pin X1
Stafford Ashley Letter Pin X1
Stern Benjamin Letter Pin X1
Stern Jack Letter
Sterquell Katherine Letter Pin X1
Swindall Aimee Letter Pin X2
Toy Jaeden Letter Pin X2
Tran Viet Letter
Traynor Patrick Letter Pin X2
Tryon Tyler Letter Pin X2
Vargish Andrew Letter
Watford Alexander Letter
Watts Sophia Letter Pin X2
Sapp Hayden Letter Pin X1
McCauley Connor Letter
Lee Samantha Letter
Ballard William Letter
Landon Carlile Letter
Foss Nickolas Letter
Hengen Ryan Letter
Paulson Joel Letter
Ransom Lilia Letter
Rohling IV Henry Letter
Vaughan Rebekah Letter
Velez Collazo Ariana Letter
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