STEM Spartans Honored with Academic Letters

STEM School Highlands Ranch is focused on rewarding Academic Excellence among students. We are excited to announce that students will be recognized through the new Academic Letter Recognition Program. The criteria for earning an Academic Letter is as follows: 

  • Students must achieve a grade point average of 3.8 or above for two consecutive semesters while attending STEM School Highlands Ranch.
  • The recipient of the award will receive an Academic Letter after the first year of earning this accomplishment.
  • A student that achieves this accomplishment for a second year will receive an academic pin.

We are looking at expanding this award to include a third-year award and a fourth-year award in the future. Congratulations to the following 11th and 10th graders that have earned the first Academic Letters in STEM School’s history!   

Junior Academic Letters & Pins

Anton Akhmetov Letter Pin X1
Katelynne Altonen Letter
Lisa Annandale Letter
Ellason Arendale Letter Pin X1
Sophia Barrette Letter Pin X1
Liam Beaubien Letter PinX1
Ian Boraks Letter Pin X1
Alexander Bostley Letter Pin X1
Matthew Bowar Letter Pin X1
Demetrius Boyd Letter PinX1
Sarah Braunschweig Letter Pin X1
Dain Campen Letter
Lorie Cauwe Lettter Pin X1
Riley Cayton Letter Pin X1
Hunter Churchill Jones Letter Pin X1
Seth Close Letter Pin X1
Sawyer Curless Letter
Lauren Daniels Letter
Micah Dew Letter Pin x1
Joseph DiGrappa Letter Pin X1
Eric Fiechtner Letter Pin X1
Aidan Frey Letter Pin X1
Andru Frost Letter Pin X1
Lakshmi Ganapaneni Letter Pin X1
Zheng Gao Letter Pin X1
Ella Goldman Letter
Zackary Gonzales Letter
Kaelin Goss Letter Pin X1
Zachary Green Leter Pin X1
Beccan Gruenberg Letter Pin X1
Mreedul Gupta Letter Pin x1
Kaden Hayrynen Letter
Ashton Hudson Letter Pin X1
Emily Huskins Letter
Daniel Hyon Letter
Charles Igel Letter
William Irish Letter
Jake Jenkins Lettter
Sachin Joseph Letter Pin X1
Julie Jurkowski Letter Pin X1
Tyler Kindred Letter Pin X1
Sophia Lamberson Letter Pin X1
Robert Lawrence Letter Pin X1
Natalie Leake Jara Letter Pin X1
Ethan Lee Letter Pin X1
Ryan Levisky Letter Pin X1
Cameron Long Letter
John Masulit Letter Pin X1
Isabelle McCall Letter Pin X1
Brayden McDermott Letter
Ava Mitchell Letter Pin X1
Nicholas Montero Letter
Ryan Montgomery Letter
Ankit Mukkamala Letter Pin X1
Viviana Nelson Letter Pin X1
Alexander Olkhov Letter Pin X1
Donald Paladino Letter Pin X1
Madeline Park Letter Pin X1
Tyler Pautler Letter Pin X1
Donavan Perea Letter
Quentin Perkins Letter
Peyton Richards Letter Pin X1
Seanan Riley Letter Pin X1
Margaret Rohling Letter
Soren Rollin Letter Pin X1
Miranda Schlobohm Letter Pin X1
Maksim Seniw Letter
Tia Seniw Letter Pin X1
Norah Shamin Letter Pin X1
Dean Sheppard Letter Pin X1
David Short Letter
Kuponoi Silberstein Letter
Nico Spagnola Letter Pin X1
Jacob Stanley Letter
Hayden Tanaka Letter
Zachary Taylor Letter
Matthew Tewolde Letter Pin X1
Naomi Tewolde Letter Pin X1
Claire Tiemann Letter Pin X1
Benjamin Toland Letter
Tavin Turner Letter Pin X1
Mia Wang Letter PinX1
Robert Weiffenbach Letter Pin X1
Taylor Wesley Letter
Rongbin Yuan Letter Pin X1
Tyler Wright Letter Pin X1
Joshua Hanft Letter Pin X1

Sophomore Academic Letters

George Amaya Letter
Lorelai Angell Letter
Beckham Argosino Letter
Ishaan Arora Letter
Mia Bash Letter
Aden Betancourt Letter
Caleb Bettcher Letter
Avi Brockman Letter
Connor Calme Letter
Alexandra Choudhury Letter
Aiden Csapo Letter
Lucas Davidson Letter
Zoe Dvoretsky Letter
Gabrielle Eckert Letter
Brendan Ellis Letter
Adam Farren Letter
Ethan Frick Letter
Ethan Friend Letter
Lasya Gudur Letter
Kyle Ha Letter
Gage Hauptman Letter
Nathan Hughes Letter
Blake Huhn Letter
Madalynne Kaspar Letter
Kai Kingman Letter
Anthony Kruis Letter
Vanessa Lambers Letter
Aiden Landeros Letter
Luke Laudeman Letter
Matthew Lee Letter
Tjaden Litwiler Letter
David Liu Letter
Brinda Malik Letter
Luke Mauch Letter
Jacob McCallister Letter
Owen McWhirter Letter
Gavin Minamide Letter
Franklin Nason Letter
Daniel Nikolaev Letter
Silas Pacheco Letter
Xavier Pena Letter
Bryce Pereira Letter
Natalie Prosperi Letter
Veena Raigaonkar Letter
Gitanjali Rao Letter
Maya Rodenbaugh Letter
Andrew Salazar Letter
Johannely Santaella Medina Letter
Kellan Shiffer Letter
Luke Sterquell Letter
Micah Thomas Letter
Grace Triplett Letter
Trevor Venable Letter
Aragorn Wang Letter
David Weiden Letter
Emilia Wencel Letter
Lillian West Letter
Hannah Winans Letter
Jack Worden Letter
Aidan Rowlett Letter
Aiden Morrison Letter
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