STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (01/21/22)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Gabe Uribe


Always being supportive and responsive to the requests of others.

Headshot of Mallory Jimenez

Mallory Jimenez

Integrity & Responsibility

Mallory is so helpful and really cares about all of our students and staff. This is an incredibly stressful time that we are going through and she handles it with such grace and compassion. I am so glad she is a part of our team.

Mallory has gone above and beyond in her duties as our school nurse. Covid has added a tremendous amount of time and complexity to her role, and we are absolutely grateful for her services, support, and ongoing communication. We are extremely blessed to have her on staff!!

Maria Fountain

Responsibility & Integrity

Maria is AMAZING! She is always there to step in to support anyone with anything right away. The number of facilities and maintenance calls in a day are astounding sometimes and she answers that call each time with a positive and friendly demeanor.

Maria is such a hard worker who ensures the needs of the school, staff, and students are always met.

Maria is an amazing human being. She is always working super hard. She is always willing to help and always responds fast when needed. She has an amazing work ethic and her detail on cleaning is amazing… Her passion to keep our amazing School clean and ready for everything.

Christina Wu


She listens with empathy and compassion to our problems, issues, and concerns.

Christina has been an amazing addition to our team. She has been working so hard to bring our entire Student Support Team in alignment and it is paying off. She also is really good at finding the balance of making sure we are staying mission-focused on PBL and SBL, while also advocating for our students.

Evan Voorn


Mr. Voorn stepped up to the plate and helped us out with no notice, and no complaint!

Mackenzie Campbell


Mackenzie has done such an amazing job in her first year here at STEM. She can always be relied upon to be prepared and to give her all for our students and staff. She is such a wonderful addition to our team!

Carissa Elliott

Carissa Elliott


Mrs. Elliott was a fantastic judge in the Spelling Bee, a big shout-out and thanks to her for her excellent arbiting behind the judge’s table. She helped make the Spelling Bee a rousing success, thanks to her!

Tammy Tryon


Tammy is always there with a smile and a kind and positive attitude, willing to help in whatever way she can. She is a bright spot in our day!


Kelly Padilla


Kelly has consistently been very communicative and helpful regarding student progress and addressing certain issues!

Simi Basu

Responsibility & Integrity

Simi has taken me under her mighty wings and subsequently made herself available to assist in all of my CANVAS…meltdowns all the way to building a clear understanding of PBL and classroom management. Always with a positive word and smile, Simi allows me the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them in a creative and practical manner.

Simi is ALWAYS keeping me in the loop, giving me great ideas for collaboration and offering breaks!:) Thank you Simi! You’re amazing!

Jessica Bates


I couldn’t ask for a better ‘next door’ math buddy! She is always willing to help and does so in a friendly, professional way. She even laughs at my bad jokes!

Kelsey Farnan


As my partner in education, Kelsey Farnan has provided me with assistance in all of the “stuff” teachers must do to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for students both in and out of the classroom. Having a person like Kelsey supporting me alleviates many of the small frustrations that come with being new to teaching.

Dan Levinson


Thank you SO SO much for taking on a class with me! Your outgoing, laid-back energy is really nice to be around! YOU ROCK!

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