STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (02/02/24)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Headshot of Jessie Hill

Jessie Hill


Jessie has gone above and beyond to help me with all the logistics of testing rooms! She is an awesome!!

Headshot of Katie Wallin-Miller

Katie Wallin-Miller


Thank you to Katie for saving our classroom pet goldfish, Julia when she was sick!

Headshot of Annette Nason

Annette Nason


She is very kind and goes out of her way to help students. She is an amazing teacher.

Headshot of Nicole Bostel

Nicole Bostel


Nicole is always ready to step up and help with anything! She is incredibly hard-working and does things with a great attitude.

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