STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (03/08/24)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Headshot of Kathy Dwyer

Kathy Dwyer


Kathy embodies all of our character elements and makes STEM a better place with her kindness and brilliance!

Mrs. Dwyer has done an amazing job leading our Science Olympiad team in a successful Regional Competition! She is always there to help and support our students, no matter what! She is also doing an excellent job advising NHS and helping organize all of the fun Wish Week activities! She is a hardworking person who is ALWAYS there when needed by students, parents, or staff. Thank you, Kathy!!

Kathy always works incredibly hard to make sure that the STEM community has every opportunity to be successful. This year, she took on the role of builder, project manager, spokes woman, and a whole host of other jobs to make sure that NHS could bring our STEM spirit to Bella! Kathy is an amazing woman who drives everyone she works with to do their best all the time.

Headshot of Kim Martinez

Kim Martinez


Kim continually steps up to help others, even when it is not her job to do so. If she sees a need, she is happy to help. She comes to work each day willing to do whatever it takes to ensure student safety and the comfort of those who come to the health office. Kim has been a wonderful addition to the front office staff. We are so glad that she has joined our team!

Headshot of Jessica Bates

Jessica Bates


Jessica is always looking out for the math department’s needs. She does whatever she can to support her colleagues and students.

We are short a math teacher. Jessica has taken on the responsibility of preparing lesson plans for the sub so the students can continue to receive high-quality lessons.

Headshot of Juliana Brost

Juliana Brost


Juliana is the hardest-working person I know. She is very dedicated to her students and goes the extra mile to support their success. She also does everything she can to support her team and is always someone we can rely on.

Headshot of Tera Johnson-Swartz

Tera Johnson-Swartz


Teaching and going to school is never easy. Tera shares in the ever-lasting productive struggle and subsequent successes with her students. Most recently submitted papers around Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Essay Contents and a request for her first publication for a poem in a literary journal.

Headshot of Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson


Being a teacher piloting the Eureka Squared math program, I appreciate Kate meeting with me to navigate this new program. Someone to bounce ideas off of weekly. Thanks, Kate!

Headshot of Shannon Green

Shannon Green


Shannon wrote a children’s book called “Scottie on the Space Station,” which is about accepting others with physical disabilities. It’s based on her own experience with her brother and is beautifully written – highly relatable and eloquent, with great appeal to a younger audience. She’s taken time this week to read it in some of the second-grade and kindie classes in honor of Love of Reading Week. This has led to fantastic discussions about how and why it’s important to treat kids with differences with empathy. Link to book:

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