STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (05/03/24)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Headshot of Rachel Espinosa

Rachel Espinosa

Respect, Responsibility & Integrity

Mrs. Espinosa is always kind and respectful to everyone. She never has any biases and always helps everybody. She gives people multiple chances to finish their assignments, and even if they don’t finish, she helps them. She is the most respectful towards students and is my favorite teacher for these reasons. – STEM Staff Member

Mrs. Espinosa is always nice and always lets kids have time to retake assignments and have lunch with and is always really nice to everyone. – Taylor Pelham

Mrs. Espinosa always tries her best to help me with work I am unable to complete, no matter how many issues get in the way of it. She offers to help me with things I struggle with, and she makes me feel safe asking questions in her class. I am so happy to have her as a teacher, and although that class challenges me, I have learned a lot from those struggles, and she has managed to help me become a more resilient person. – STEM Student

She was there for me when I had a meltdown, helped me with reading, and made my life 10 times better. – Hailey Westbarn

Headshot of Abby Tomic

Abby Tomic


She has always been a really good teacher and always is really kind. – Alice Nelson

It’s pretty simple; Miss Hart is so nice and kind. She makes everything fun and is there to help us. Kids most times are scared to ask teachers for help but not with Miss Heart. – Shrestha Sharma

Headshot of Andrew Gomez

Andrew Gomez

Respect & Empathy

Gomez can always tell if me or my friends are upset about anything and always makes sure we’re okay, and he’ll let us just sit by ourselves if we need time. And he’s a good role model for students. – Kendall Stumpe

He helped us understand music. Even if we didn’t know how to play, he wouldn’t leave us hanging. – Parth Pingale

He’s just overall a great teacher. He connects with his students and helps them during a hard time. He’s a kind soul that loves to play music and help others out. – Delilah Fletcher

Mr. Gomez always respects our boundaries and limits in the music room. If I can’t play something right, he will sit there and instruct me what to do. He treats us as friends, and not just someone he has to teach. – Myra Wilcox

Headshot of Daniel Kerwin

Daniel Kerwin

Respect, Empathy & Responsibility

Kerwin is my number 1 trusted adult. I feel that he can sympathize with me easily. – Kingston Xiong

Daniel did a great job planning and running Prom – STEM Staff Member

He is the best teacher in the world. – Aadhavshanjay Avinashkumar

I believe that Mr. Kerwin respects all of his students. He is a very kind and respectful person as well as a great teacher who is very open to helping all of his students. He makes sure that his students are caught up on their work and gives students lots of time to finish work assigned in his class during class time. This gives students flexibility at home and also makes it easier for students to pay attention in his classes. – Aaravjeet Singh

Nice teacher, very transparent and respectful of students. – Mason Glauser

Headshot of Holly Li

Holly Li

Respect, Responsibility & Honesty

Mrs. Li makes class incredibly entertaining and provides us with the information we need while helping us when we are confused. Mrs. Li is a very responsible teacher who keeps her students away from video games by giving them fun puzzles to solve. She definitely deserves this shoutout. – Ethan Liu

Ms. Li is a great teacher because of her ability to meet everyone’s needs. She teaches the lessons in detail and helps students who do not understand concepts a lot. She also has extra work for students to enhance their abilities. – Arihant Soni

She is always honest about everything and creates engaging lessons. – Anirudh Rao

Headshot of Jackie Viren

Jackie Viren


Mrs. Viren became the teacher sponsor of Flight Club, allowing my dreams of starting an RC club to come true! She took a large chunk of her time to let this happen. Very good teacher. – Aiden Littlehorn

Headshot of Joe Smith

Joe Smith


He respects preferred names, respects the fact that not everyone is super good at art from the get-go, and makes suggestions that are quite helpful. I don’t have his class anymore, but I am still trying to use some techniques he has taught me whenever I do take time to do artwork. – Sai Conner

Mr. Smith is the goat; he finally did my pots and stuff.  – Samuel Sarkissian

Headshot of John Griffin

John Griffin


Mr. Griffin provided me with useful information about the American Civil War, and he took the time to make sure everyone understood it (especially me). – Neil Shandilya

Headshot of Katie Wallin-Miller

Katie Wallin-Miller

Responsibility, Respect & Honesty

She’s very responsible, and she keeps a safe environment while also letting the class have a good time. She’s also super cool and smart. – Olivia Harnkijroong

She is open to everything and is so nice. – Sebastian Kindrick

I don’t know if this counts as responsibility, but she let us use her classroom for the world affairs challenge, and she doesn’t care when we accidentally flood it – Vivaan Chandra

She forgot to make a test, and she told us she forgot to she did not hide it and say it was not that day. – Aiden Kingsley

Headshot of Kyle Perret

Kyle Perret


He is a very good teacher throughout the year, and he is always kind to me and my peers. He is very funny but still teaches us everything we need to know and more. He always lets kids know when they need to dial it back without getting angry or yelling. Mr. Perret also made me become interested in Social Studies, when before, it was always the same boring stuff. If anyone deserves a shout-out, it is Mr. Perret. – Sylvester Horne

Headshot of Lauchlin Blue

Lauchlin Blue


During state testing (CMAS), he was our proctor; he made sure we all were ok and happy during breaks. He told people to quiet down in other classes while we were testing, and when the testing was done, he let us hang out and talk until the school day ended. – Neve Tice

Headshot of Maura Ridder

Maura Ridder


She came to my brain bowl competition to watch our team compete and help practice with state capitals and grammar. Then, for my tech bowl TSA competition, she came yet again, but this time she wasn’t just a spectator, she decided to become a judge. I just felt so inspired and appreciated when I saw that the Middle School Director took the time to come all the way to DTC just to judge that one competition. Since then, she has played a prank on me and given me a shirt for it, which makes me honored to be one of the people that she selected to give it to. – John Galatos

Headshot of Michelle Montour

Michelle Montour


Ms.Montour helped me have a deeper understanding of what I was learning. She also provided a safe learning environment for everyone. – Myra Bhatia

Headshot of Bailee Zinter

Bailee Zinter


Ms Zinter is very kind, polite, and gentle, and she helps us with our needs and clarifies our doubts. – Alona Abhilash

Headshot of Neethu Ramachandran

Neethu Ramachandran


Ms Ramachandran is very kind, polite, and gentle, and she helps us with our needs and clarifies our doubts. – Alona Abhilash

Headshot of Kent Schnacke

Kent Schnacke


He’s a great teacher overall. – Connor Winans

Headshot of Lily Williams

Lily Williams


Ms. Williams has been helping me with my problems at school and with my thoughts. She’s a great person to talk to, and she’s there for you when you need someone to talk to. – Angela Herreramanullang

Ms. Williams is an empathetic person…I would like to give a shout-out because of her hard efforts to cheer students who are down and help them as much as she can. Many students think she is more than a counselor and more like a buddy. – Rishona Heman

Headshot of Dorothy Lee

Dorothy Lee


She has always been there for me and provides a safe space for me to be in. – Corina Prather

Headshot of Nancy Szczekocki

Nancy Szczekocki


Mrs. S is always a great person to talk to about anything you need and she always helps and understands what you need. – Deveon Ramirez

Headshot of Gabe Uribe

Deputy Gabe Uribe


Protecting our school. – Samuel Burke

Officer Gabe has been working at this school for a while, and I don’t think he gets enough credit for his work. He’s a hard worker, pretty responsible, kind towards others, and can keep a level head in just about any situation. Gabe needs credit for his hard work. (Not saying he doesn’t get credit, just saying that I think he needs more credit than what he’s given.) – Nikka Fox

Headshot of Rhett Butler

Rhett Butler

Respect, Empathy & Responsibility

Regardless of who you are, he is respectful and nice 100% of the time. – Dawson Rieple

He is the nicest teacher who is laid back but still enforces rules and cares for the students
bear.laughlin@s. He is a cool dude – Lucian Rohrbach

Although it’s Mr. Butler’s first time teaching high school, he’s one of my favorite teachers. He knows the perfect amount of help to give when we need it and when to back off and let us figure it out on our own. He’s also cool and fun and altogether an amazing teacher! – Kacey Garcia

Mr.Butler is just able to make his classes more engaging and interesting – Dexter Melvin

He would let kids work on their projects at their own rate, and if a kid finished ahead of others, he would let them hang out. – Connor Burrell

Headshot of Stephanie Hart

Stephanie Hart

Empathy, Respect, Responsibility & Integrity

She is really kind to us and pays attention to us so we can be happy. – Trevor Johnson

Always looking out for others. Engaging lessons in class every day. – Anirudh Rao

Ms. Hart always helps me when I need help. – Sadhana Ashwin

Mrs. Hart was kind and nice in class. – Julian Ciochon

She’s always been such an amazing teacher, respecting all her students and their work. – Avi Shick

Mrs. Hart earns a shout-out because she cares about every student and is also so kind to me. – Anthony Kachmar

It’s pretty simple; Miss Hart is so nice and kind. She makes everything fun and is there to help us. Kids most times are scared to ask teachers for help but not with Miss Heart. – Shrestha Sharma

Headshot of Sheetal Rajput

Sheetal Rajput


She was the best teacher I will ever have, she taught me how to love science, and I listened. thanks to Ms. Rajput, I want to be a scientist. – Matthew Isenburg

Headshot of Sara De Weese

Sara De Weese

Respect & Empathy

She would help me at work. – Fatima Zaidi

She always gave me amazing advice when I needed it, and she’s always so nice. – Delainey Hood

Headshot of Susan Graham

Susan Graham


Mrs. Graham worked exceptionally hard for us during a difficult time in her life and has shown great respect to her students. – Maddox Otto

Headshot of Tera Johnson-Swartz

Tera Johnson-Swartz

Respect & Integrity

She is the best teacher. She makes sure that we are all on task. – Elise Nice

Ms Tera is always someone I feel respected around. She always treated everyone fairly and kindly. When she first came to STEM, it was a rough start, but now she is my favorite teacher. She helps us understand what respect is and always returns the respect to us. – STEM Student

Headshot of Vinaya Raigaonkar

Vinaya Raigaonkar


She is one of the most responsible people I’ve ever seen in my life. – Anirudh Rao

Headshot of Yacina Tamendjari

Yacina Tamendjari


She is always respectful to students. – Anirudh Rao

Headshot of Victoria Hafner

Victoria Hafner


Ms Hafner is one of my favorite teachers. She is super sweet to all of her students and understands kids our age. She almost never yells at us and is very trusting when she lets us do our work. Her assignments are very instructive yet challenging. She makes a difficult subject fun and is an amazing teacher. We love Ms Hafner!!! – Charlotte Mancuso

I usually don’t like E.L.A., but she makes it fun and helps me out when I need it. – Michael Gurolnick

She is just one of the best teachers.  – Sebastian Kindrick

She is super nice and honest. – Parker Toops

Headshot of Morgan Roberts

Morgan Roberts


He is super nice and honest. – Parker Toops

Mr Roberts is 1 of the kindest teachers I know, and students trust him. Students love him and could trust him with his life.  – Shrestha Sharma

Headshot of Kim Martinez

Kim Martinez


Respecting me and being friendly when I need to use the restroom. – Kellan Moser

Headshot of Robin Husband

Robin Husband


Respecting me and being friendly when I need to use the restroom. – Kellan Moser

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