STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (05/24/24)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Headshot of Jennifer Laske

Jennifer Laske


Dr. Laske is incredibly kind and helpful to all her students. She dedicates many hours to ensuring they have all the necessary notes, even using her lunch breaks to provide additional assistance.

Headshot of Jessica Bates

Jessica Bates


Jessica Bates did an outstanding job with the math team. She ensured everyone’s needs were met and provided all the necessary resources for our math department. She’s a great leader.

Headshot of Susan Graham

Susan Graham


Awesome job on the graduation speech! You were AMAZING!

Headshot of Annette Nason

Annette Nason


Annette has taken on a variety of roles this year, each requiring flexibility and adaptiveness, and she has juggled those responsibilities with a positive attitude and a gracious spirit that has made a positive impact on the computer science department and students at all secondary grade levels that she has interacted with.

Headshot for Mona Loptien

Mona Loptien


Mona did an outstanding job scheduling all the substitute requests for teachers and even managed to find last-minute coverage. I am incredibly grateful to have her as both a colleague and a friend.

Headshot of Pamela Taylor

Pamela Taylor


Pam you did such a GREAT job leading our kinder team! I appreciate all that you did this year. You make our kinder team run like a well-oiled machine! We all love you so much! Here is to next year and strengthening our friendship!

Headshot of Angela Britzman

Angela Britzman


Thank you so much for your support and help. You are a wonderful colleague and an amazing person.

Headshot of Maura Ridder

Maura Ridder


Maura Ridder is one of the best leaders that STEM has ever seen and continues to try her hardest to make sure that the students and staff at STEM are getting any help and assistance that they need. She organizes a lot of the events and makes sure that the students are happy. Every time I see her, she a smile on her face that makes my day and makes many other students and staff happy as well.

Headshot of Katie Wallin-Miller

Katie Wallin-Miller


Dr. Wallin-Miller did an amazing job with the middle schoolers this year! She was so engaging and taught science and the scientific method in a way that was real-world, PBL, hands-on, and students conducted experimental investigations all year. The students really love you and learned so much! We will miss you!

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