STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (08/26/22)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Mackenzie Harper

Mackenzie Harper


Mackenzie has the unfortunate responsibility to help me learn Canvas. I am new to that platform and not particularly gifted in the technology department. She has been incredibly helpful, patient, kind and encouraging to me. It is so nice to know that when I ask for help, which is quite often, she responds professionally and leaves me feeling more confident and competent.
Mackenzie always has a smile on her face and seems to really enjoy her job. She is a credit to STEM school!

Headshot of John Griffin

John Griffin


John always has a smile on his face and really shows great empathy for his students. It is amazing to hear about how he left the corporate world to give back to students. He is a role model for so many and I’m so excited that he’s part of our team. I really love the “Hang Out” corner that he’s trying to build out in his classroom so that his students have a calming space. Great job!

Robert Hoornstra


Robert goes above and beyond with his commitment to STEM. I am so impressed with what he can juggle. He is always there to lend a hand and does so with a smile on his face. He has to keep all of the different projects we have going, running smoothly and organized and I admire him for that.

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