STEM Welcomes New Members to the Team: Amie McElroy and Jeff Maher

Amie McElroy and Jeff Maher

Amie McElroy, Dean of Students

Amie McElroy joins STEM School Highlands Ranch as Dean of Students.  Amie spent the past 13 years as a teacher at Columbine High School, where she taught chemistry, biology, and earth science.  In addition to that, she also started the school’s equity committee, where she says they tackled some difficult issues and improved the culture at the school.

At STEM, as Dean of Students, Amie will be in a role to help teachers in their classroom in various ways, and will be looking to increase positive relationships among students themselves, among adults, and with curriculum and learning.

“I’m really excited to one, work with students.  I’m a high school teacher, so now I get to drop down to the K-8 role, and so that’s probably the thing I’m most excited about, and just the fact that I will still be interacting with students everyday.”

Amie went into greater detail about how her role will also help teachers.

“I’m hoping that as the Dean, I can really help teachers form those positive relationships with students,” she says.  “I’m hoping to be able to give teachers the tools they need so students can be successful and feel successful in the classroom.”

Welcome Amie McElroy to STEM!

Amie McElroy comes to STEM from Columbine High School
Amie McElroy comes to STEM from Columbine High School

Jeff Maher, Communications Manager

STEM School Highlands Ranch welcomes Jeff Maher as the new Communications Manager.  Jeff spent the past 20 years working as a television anchor and multi-media journalist for ABC, NBC, and CW affiliates across the country.  Most recently, he was the host of ‘Wake up with the CW’ in Las Vegas.

Jeff is originally from Colorado, and is a graduate of Ponderosa High School and Metro State University.  He comes to STEM with new ideas and visions for creating original content that will spread the word about our school and community.

“My role encompasses anything that has to do with marketing and communications for the school, and I think a big part of that has to do with helping bridge any gaps in communications between our primary groups,” he says.  “That being teachers, parents, students, and administrators, and providing important updates and information regarding STEM.  I’m also going to be contributing to our school’s website, to our social media platforms, and the plan is to really build out the school’s YouTube channel into something that really connects with the community, and showcases what is happening within our school and outside of it.”

Jeff Maher
Jeff spent 20 years working in television as an anchor and multi-media journalist prior to joining STEM

Jeff went on to detail how his role is going to help teachers as well.

“Teachers are the backbone to any school, and the challenges that they face in today’s learning environment are immense,” he added.  “So as a communicator, my hope is that my role will help communicate their needs to the right people and help find solutions to any problems that they come across.  In addition to that, I’m going to be shining the spotlight on what they’re doing inside their classrooms to showcase what all of their hard work is leading to, and that is, those students and alumni success stories that ultimately will usher in the next generation at STEM.”

Jeff wasted no time in creating original content at STEM.  In just his first week, he put together video features about virtual learning, advice for students learning from home, the new P-Tech addition at STEM, and staff introductions.  Please be sure to give Jeff a warm welcome!

Jeff Maher STEM introduction video


Jeff Maher

Communications Manager at STEM.

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