Headshot of Cody Sharma

Cody Sharma

My Bio

Soon, I will be teaching secondary math. This will be my 8th year teaching. I’ve taught every grade from 7-12 across several subjects, including English and Social Studies. I have a BA in Political Science from Rice University, a MEd in Administration from University of Houston and a MA in History from Tufts University. As someone who often feels like he has to make every day productive, you’ll often find me working through woodworking projects or learning more coding at home. And I prefer to spend my long weekends and breaks hiking through the mountains getting lost in new places and trying to convince my wife to spend a night or two backpacking with me.

My Favorite Things

Starbucks Drink or Snack:

Favorite Snacks: Tortilla chips

Favorite Places to Eat: Any hole in the wall place, especially if you can order in Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, etc.

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Place to Shop: REI

Hobbies: Hiking mountains I’ve never been to, reading on my porch, camping over long weekend breaks, woodworking

Favorite Colors: Blue. Or anything pastelly.