Update on Mask Mandate from the STEM Board of Director

STEM Board of Directors

Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Families,

Late last night, the Douglas County School Board voted 4-3 to allow student and staff choice for masks. The STEM Board of Directors has been advised and they have made the recommendation to request students and staff to continue to wear masks out of respect for the majority, but not mandate masks.

The STEM Board of Directors and your Leadership Team are asking our entire community for patience over the next seven student contact days to maintain the status quo so that we can all enter the Winter Break as safely as possible.

The Board reviewed the data from the Parent, Staff and Student survey that was circulated earlier this Fall that indicated the data below as part of their decision-making process.

  • 78.6% (444) of Parents wanted masks; 21.4% (121) did not
  • 61.6% (154) of Students wanted masks; 38.4% (96) did not
  • 80.6% (87) of Staff wanted masks; 19.4% (21) did not

The Board values our Parents, Students and Staff’s right to choose and would like to request cooperation and collaboration with the STEM Leadership Team over the next few days as we continue to work through the ramifications of the new shift in DCSD policy.

Thank you for your time and consideration, as well as your continued support of STEM School Highlands Ranch.

Roy Martinez, Board President and Chair
PJ Eucker, Executive Director

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