Update to STEM Transition Plan – 10/09/2020

STEM K-12 Transition Plan Image

Since its inception, STEM has been agile at adapting to organizational change. Starting the 2020-21 School Year with the departure of two very skilled Leadership Team members was not anticipated. However, the Leadership Team came together prior to their departure to develop the Transition Plan to ensure that STEM would emerge stronger and more adaptive.

The current Leadership Team has outstanding skills, compassion and care for students and staff. They have each stepped up to the demand of a new role. They are a high-trust team, fully focused on student and staff success.

As outlined in our original Transition Plan, the Leadership Team, along with Staff Leaders, were to come together to identify role distribution and gaps. The teams have done that and we are excited to share an Updated Transition Plan with our community.

Our Leadership Team for the 2020-21 School Year:

  • Interim Director of Student and Staff Support- Mrs. Jenny Johnson
  • Interim Elementary School Director: Ms. LynAnn Kovalesky
  • Interim Middle School Director: Mrs. Anna Magle-Haberek
  • Interim High School Director: Mr. Dan Hoffman
  • Director of Special Programs K-12: Ms. Liz Dougan (unchanged)
  • Director of Curriculum and Accountability: Dr Karen Johnson (unchanged)
  • Director of Professional Development: Stephanie Mendrala (unchanged)

You’ll notice that our School Directors (Ms LynAnn Kovalesky, Mrs Anna Magle-Haberek and Mr Dan Hoffman) have moved into Interim Director roles as they take on more responsibilities over their respective schools. Additionally, Mrs Jenny Johnson has moved into an Interim Director of Student and Staff Support role. Each position will carry an “Interim” preface to acknowledge that each will function in this role, while feedback from our community will be solicited before transitioning to a permanent role.

Additionally, areas where responsibilities could be shifted have been identified and will be transitioned to support staff in order to assist the Interim Directors. These positions include a Dean of Students, a Testing Coordinator and a Communications Manager. Nicole Bostel will be moving into a Director of Communications role to assist the Leadership Team with the additional communications responsibilities, as well as assisting with accomplishing STEM’s Strategic Plan Goals. Job descriptions for each of these positions have been posted on our employment website.

We sincerely hope these will be the last change of the turbulent 2020-21 school year, however we are committed to continuing to identify any gaps and find ways for improvement.

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