Walking the Beat with Deputy Gabe (11/10/23)

Walking the Beat with Deputy Gabe

Every year, we have new challenges due to some trends that we see online. Some of the behavior we dealt with in different opportunities has been criminal and brought a lot of trouble to some of our students. This is why I find it pertinent to talk to you today about the game that has been around for a while called Senior Assassin.

The information I am sharing today came from one of my supervisors. Each new school year, high school seniors nationwide participate in this game. Another name for this game is Senior Assassination. Senior students run this game, and schools do not sponsor it. Senior Assassin starts at the beginning of the school year and ends when only one person remains.

How it works? Each senior student who wants to participate pays an entry fee. They are then assigned a “target.” Their task is to “assassinate” their target by shooting them with a toy water gun or a toy gun using a foam dart with a rubber tip. According to the rules, “Assassinations” are not allowed on school grounds, at the “Target’s” place of work, churches, from moving vehicles or into moving cars. The rules also state that it is prohibited from illegally entering their target’s home. So, you may see teens wearing swimming goggles or arm floaties. Wearing these items is a form of protection from assassination while they are wearing them.

This game is harmless. Unfortunately, students are not using their best judgment when purchasing water or foam dart guns. Some students (not at STEM) have chosen to purchase water guns that look similar to real firearms. Each year, patrol deputies and/or schools receive reports of students with firearms on or around the school campus. When students are contacted on school grounds and found with a water gun, they can face school disciplinary actions or criminal charges based on the totality of the circumstances.

A student in one of our local schools was found in possession of a water gun that looked exactly like a Glock 20SF. This is extremely dangerous and difficult for us as law enforcement officers. Please encourage your students to be responsible if they participate in this game. Take a look at a couple of links I shared here to see some news stories about this.



Enjoy the weekend, and stay warm out there. Thank you for helping us keep our students safe! I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for having the opportunity to be part of your student’s story. If you have questions, please email me at gabe.uribe@https://stemk12.org, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Stay warm, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… 😊

Thank you again for your time…GO SPARTANS!

Be safe!

Deputy Gabe

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