Boys’ Lacrosse News and Updates

Lacrosse News and Updates

This year, the STEM Boys’ Lacrosse Team will once again play with the Highlands Ranch High School Boys’ Lacrosse Team to form one team.

Anyone interested in playing lacrosse should contact Nicole Forshey to be added to the roster. She will invite you to the TeamSnap communication app. It is imperative that you join the team on TeamSnap because all communication on events, practices, meetings, etc, go out through TeamSnap. Nicole’s email is

Below is information that was shared during the first team meeting:

  • STEM and Highlands Ranch are officially ONE team! CHSSA has approved this merger, and with that, there are now a few requirements:
    • All players at both schools must play for the Highlands Ranch/STEM team
    • All players will now be required to have fully matching uniforms, including royal blue helmets.
  • Be sure you join TeamSnap to find dates. We are having weightlifting sessions during the off-season so that we can be stronger and ready for the lacrosse season.
  • The team store will be open soon, and more items with additional logos will be added soon. The most important piece for Coach CJ is the Shooter Shirt. Coach would like all to get this ordered and make sure you have it ready for the season. Since numbers will not be assigned until the uniform hand out, please DO NOT enter a number if asked on the order site. The store can be accessed at
  • We have some Board Member positions open and would love to talk to you if you are interested in getting involved!
  • This year’s dues (same as last year) will be $250 to the Booster Club to cover all we do for the kids including our extra coaches, team dinners, swag, transportation, reserving practice fields, etc. This will not be due until our season starts in the spring. This is separate from the school sign-up fees.
  • Mark your calendars for LAX FEST! February 11th will be our parent and coach’s event! It’s a great way to meet everyone and kick off the season together! Thanks All!
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