Girls’ Soccer Poised for an Undefeated Season

Girls' Soccer Promo

Did you know that our Girls’ Soccer Team is poised to close out the season with an undefeated record? That’s right! They are on fire!

Most recently on April 25, the the team drove an hour and a half up to play Windsor Charter Academy and an hour and a half back after beating them 2-0

The first goal was scored by Amaya Crump (22 min, first half), with the assist to Abigail Hullinger. Hullinger then scored the game’s second goal (33 min, second half), with the assist to Camille Day.

The team then followed it up on April 27 with a 9-0 win over Denver Jewish Day School. Hullinger scored 3 goals, assisted by Hannah Winans twice. Camille Day scored 3 goals, with assists by Grace FitzRoy and Hullinger. FitzRoy scored 2 goals, with assists from Amaya Crump and Day. Finally, Jeda Welle scored 1 goal with another assist by Hullinger.

Goals from the Denver Jewish Day School Game were scored in the 1st, 15th, and 37th minutes in the first half, and the 1st, 4th, 16th, 17th, 28th, and 38th minutes in the second half.

The team will play two more games to close out the season. Let’s cheer them on to victory! Go Spartans!

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