Sharing Our Good News (02/02/24)


STEM's "Rubber Duckies" team unboxes prizes from Samsung

samsung competition
First prize package received!
STEM’s “Rubber Duckies” team is moving forward in the national Samsung Solve For Tomorrow competition and are already starting to receive prize packages in the mail from Samsung. A brand new laptop and smartphone was just unboxed by the team, but that’s just the beginning. Several thousands of dollars in Samsung merchandise is still on the way due to the fact that the team just won the state phase of the competition. If the team wins nationals, an even bigger prize awaits.
The team invented a device for the competition that increases the safety of both drivers and wildlife on the roadway.
Congratulations team and we look forward to seeing your next arrival of Samsung gifts!

All about the P-TECH program at STEM

STEM Middle School students learn about course options and registration

middle school assembly
This week STEM Middle School students learned more about the Academic Course Selection Process. For STEM parents, this is a good time to talk to your student about the options and the Academic Planning Guide.
Click the link below to see the Special Edition Newsletter that went out recently, explaining all about our high school programs available to students in 9th-12th grade. If, after reviewing the presentations and the Special Edition Newsletter you still have questions, please email info@ Students in grades 5-11 received similar presentations.
Special Edition Newsletter:
Middle School Course Registration Process Presentation:…/2024-2025-MS-Course-Registration…
High School Course Registration Process Presentation:…/2024-2025-HS-Course-Registration…
Middle School Academic Planning Guide:…/24_25-Middle-School-Academic…
High School Academic Planning Guide:…/24_25-High-School-Academic…
Find Sample Course Registration Forms here:…/secondary-academic-and…/

February marks the beginning of Black History Month

black history month

This week on February 1st marked the start of Black History Month! Every February, people in the United States celebrate the achievements and history of African Americans as part of Black History Month. This year’s theme is African Americans and the Arts, celebrating the entire history of African Americans and the arts.

STEM freshman among first students to receive college credits for Game Design class at P-TECH

The first class!
STEM Freshman Christian Romine was among the first students to take the newly launched Game Design class as part of P-TECH this past Fall. Take a look at this interview, where Christian describes the experience and earning college credits along the way.
Interested in having your student join our P-TECH program? Check out our Career Discovery website for more details:

STEM students win state competition for invention to protect drivers and wildlife

samsung winners

Big news!

STEM’s team has been awarded as State Winner in the ‘Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition’. Congratulations to STEM students Siddhi Singh, Dhriti Sinra, Robyn Ballheim and Bri Scoville! Their teacher, Mr. Chacon, could not be more proud of this group.

The team, known as “The Rubber Duckies”, not only increased their prize package to $12,000 worth of Samsung products, but they also are now eligible to earn one of 10 finalist spots in the next phase, which is the national competition.

The team had already learned this past December that they had won $2,500 in Samsung products in being named a state finalist.

The grand prize? Three national winner schools will receive $100,000 in Samsung products and classroom resources.

STEM’s Rubber Duckies team created a device that alerts motorists of wandering wildlife up ahead near the roadway using infrared, among other technology. The idea is to create a safer situation for both drivers and animals. The device gives motorists advanced warning to prevent a collision.

Best of luck team with the national phase of the competition and congratulations on all of your success already!

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