Walking the Beat with Deputy Gabe (02/02/24)

Walking the Beat with Deputy Gabe

There goes another week! Can you believe the wonderful weather we had? I believe tomorrow is going to be quite cold, so please stay warm. Also, with the possibility of some snow coming down, please remember to drive safely. Take your time to get places. Talk to your student about how to be safe while driving under different weather conditions. One of the main mistakes I’ve seen younger drivers make is to not start slowing down ahead of time when they know they will need to turn ahead. Remind them that slowing down ahead of time is a good idea so they don’t have to push the brakes hard and then slide off the road. Anyway…A lot to talk about when it’s in relation to driving, so please take the time to do it.

I also wanted to touch base with you about something in particular: Sporadic Police Presence at STEM. Occasionally my supervisors visit me at STEM to either touch base, have a meeting, have an equipment inspection, special occasions, or more. When this happens, they will usually park their vehicles next to mine. My team has five supervisors (three sergeants and two corporals). At times, all of them might come to see me, or maybe just one of them.

Why am I telling you this? On Wednesday I received the visit of my supervisors and our agency Chaplain. I understand that sometimes an increase in police presence might cause some questions. I would like to encourage you not to be alarmed if you see additional deputies at STEM, instead, please know that they are here for something different than just trouble.

Do you remember how I wrote about the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) a few months ago? The SRP is an action-based protocol for specific situations. I am sharing the I Love U Guys Foundation link so you can learn more about this. If there is ever a situation where deputies are in the area responding to a criminal activity near STEM, I will ask Administrators to put the school on a Secure status, and just like in the past, STEM will provide information promptly. If additional deputies are required at STEM for support, additional information will be provided as well.

Again, sometimes, I might not know when my supervisors are visiting. But please rest assured that if the reason for their presence is other than just visiting (usually police administrative business related), I will notify STEM so they can provide information to you as well.

Thank you for reading this today. Let’s keep working hard to keep our students safe. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to be part of your student’s story. If you have questions about what I shared with you today, and if you want to know more about why I receive the visit of other deputies at times, please email me at gabe.uribe@https://stemk12.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/blog-1.jpgk12.org, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Stay warm.


Be safe!

Deputy Gabe

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