Sharing Our Good News (02/16/24)


Deputy Gabe celebrated for SRO Appreciation Day

STEM Kindergartners learning about the seven continents

A special thanks to guest speaker Kathy Dwyer for visiting with our Kindergartners this week! The students are learning about the seven continents and she came in to talk about Australia.
She gave each classroom a pet stuffed koala and several books about the weather, agriculture, food, clothing, culture, lifestyle and housing developments.
STEM teachers will be using this information as they develop their next PBL unit around weather and the environment.
kathy dwyer in class

STEM 7th graders participating in The World Affairs Challenge with World Denver

Sustainable goals!
STEM 7th grade students have been busy taking part in the World Affairs Challenge with World Denver.
The World Affairs Challenge (WAC) is an international program and competition for middle and high school students to develop and implement their own S.M.A.R.T. solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Students have completed their Problem Identification and Investigation. They developed their SMART Solution. Students are working in groups and are preparing their pitch solutions, which include a six-minute video presentation.
The next steps include action plans, community outreach and budget development that will then end up with some of the groups competing at the Global Championship. All students, if they wish, will have the opportunity to present at the WAC Showcase as well.
For more information about the challenge, visit:

STEM Students and staff surprise Deputy Gabe Uribe for SRO Appreciation Day

How do you honor the best SRO on SRO Appreciation Day?
By letting him know it.
Deputy Gabe Uribe was called into the gym Thursday for what he thought was a typical call. Instead, he was greeted with the ultimate surprise from our students and staff.
Our community cannot thank Deputy Gabe enough. He is more than just an SRO. He connects with students of all ages and of all backgrounds. How the students react to Deputy Gabe in this clip really says it all. Thank you Deputy Gabe for all that you do!

STEM Elementary students celebrate Valentine's Day with fun activities and creations

A day full of love!
Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at STEM. Our elementary students really went all out this year with their custom designed mailboxes. The kids are spending their day crafting, making cards, watching movies, bingo and writing about what they love the most.

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