Sharing Our Good News (02/17/23)


STEM 8th grader earns top placement in fencing tournament

fencing competition
First place in fencing!
Congrats to STEM 8th grader Jayden Lee, who took first place in the Senior Mixed Foil event in the third Colorado Cup Fencing Tournament!
He also qualified in first place in December during the Colorado Division Junior Olympic Qualifiers for the Cadet Men’s Épée event.
Way to represent STEM with your unique skill Jayden!

STEM Elementary students honor Deputy Gabe Uribe on National School Resource Officer Appreciation Day

STEM's Secondary Health class investigates the true measurement of sugar in foods and drinks

Wow, look at this PBL unit from one of our Secondary Health classes.
Students investigated just how much sugar is in certain foods and drinks and measured out the estimate in accordance to each item consumed.
Amounts were based on what the students realistically consumed and not on the recommended serving sizes. To put it in perspective, the recommended amount of added sugars for a female is no more than 24g and for a male 36g PER DAY!!! These photos are just a few of the items that students looked at.
A great example of applying a real world situation to the classroom.

STEM Valentine's Day decorations in Elementary School

No shortage of love!
There are plenty of reminders of Valentine’s Day around every corner at STEM. From door decorations to the walls and so much more, STEM students and staff are surrounded by messages and designs for the holiday. So many of our students are dressed in red, pink and white. What a beautiful celebration!
We hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day this week.

STEM senior basketball players face turbo-round edition of 10 questions

This week, some of the STEM seniors on the boys’ varsity basketball team faced a round of questions about STEM and their personal likes.  They answered everything from singling out their favorite song for warm-ups to describing their favorite STEM class and future ambitions.

Thank you to our seniors for participating in this turbo-round edition of 10 questions!

STEM student's art is now on display at The Denver Art Museum

stem student artist
On display!
Congratulations to STEM student Joshua Cho. The art he recently created for a competition is now hanging in The Denver Art Museum.
Cho recently received an award from Colorado Scholastic Arts and Writing in the ‘Drawing and Illusion’ category.
What an achievement!

Interview with new STEM BOD member Ryan Theret

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