Sharing Our Good News (02/18/22)


STEM Secondary Theater teacher Max Schwartz recognized by Colorado League of Charter Schools

Please take a moment to congratulate Max Schwartz on being named a Colorado League of Charter Schools 2022 Hall of Fame Finalist for Educator of the Year. 
Every year, the Colorado League of Charter Schools celebrates our members and supporters of the charter school movement. Our members nominated individuals who deserve recognition for being an outstanding member of the charter community. View the finalists! The winners will be announced at the Member Forum at the 2022 Annual Charter School Conference.
STEM teacher gets award

Waffles on a Friday

Did someone say waffles??
Thank you to STEM PTO and our amazing parents for providing our staff with breakfast this morning. What a great way to kick off our Professional Development Day.

STEM Senior Riley Cayton talks about upcoming Summer internship with Lockheed Martin

Valentine's Day creativity at STEM

STEM Elementary students used Valentine’s Day to apply their creativity in a variety of assignments and challenges!
Some students made lava lamps while others were tasked with building the tallest Eiffel Tower possible using five sheets of newspaper and a limited amount of tape.
Other students designed a candy heart sling shot and competed against each other for who could launch the candy the greatest distance.
Activities also included candy heart liquid experiments, bingo, Valentine’s Day card creations, team games, heart robot creation, movies and so much more!
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