Sharing Our Good News (02/23/24)


STEM NHS students prepare for Wish Week 2024 and how you can help Bella

STEM Student Spotlight: Delaney Deulley, video game creator and coder

STEM Student Spotlight!
Delaney Deulley is a senior at STEM and recently helped create a video game called ‘Titanic Panic’, where a lobster must navigate his way through a kitchen filled with obstacles and threats. While at STEM, Delaney developed her passion for coding, game design and cybersecurity. She credits her teachers, Mr. Chacon and Mr. Trichler for helping her develop that passion, which she expects to pursue far beyond high school.
Delaney also talked about the importance of girls getting involved in the computer science industry and says it might seem intimidating at first, but quickly found her comfort zone at STEM. Thank you Delaney for sharing your story!

STEM Kindergartners make special sign for STEM families

That’s what our kindergarteners spelled out with these creative signs that can be seen in the classroom windows. The next time you are in driveline for drop-off and pick-up, take a look at the signs in the kindergarten windows and know just how much our students and staff appreciate you!
This is a way for all of us at STEM to show our appreciation for the donations that have come through for the annual STEMGives fundraising campaign.
Our teachers rely on those donations to fund wish lists for their classrooms and every dollar makes a big difference. Thank you STEM families!

Will you read to our elementary students next week for "Love of Reading Week"?

Will you read to us? LOTS of open spots!
Here’s a special message to our STEM families from some of our kindergarteners. They would really like to have guest readers come into the classroom next week for our annual “Love of Reading Week”.
To sign up to be a guest reader, just click the link below or scan the QR code in the video. Thank you for being a reader! Our kids really love this event.
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