Sharing Our Good News (09/22/23)


A conversation with Jackie Viren, STEM Secondary Engineering Teacher

A conversation with Jackie Viren, who is now teaching Secondary Engineering. Jackie says the reason she became a teacher is because she had great teachers growing up that encouraged her to pursue what she wanted, which was a career in the technical fields. Now, she has the opportunity to spread that same message to her students. Welcome to STEM Jackie!

STEM holds Middle School Awards Ceremony to honor student achievements

Middle School Awards Ceremony!

Congratulations to these STEM students who received awards for various categories of achievement.  The students proudly displayed their certificates in the Secondary Gym and were applauded by families and STEM staff members.  Way to go!

A night of memories and celebration at STEM's Homecoming 2023

STEM homecoming

STEM’s Homecoming this year was amazing and we want to give a special shout-out to the staff and volunteers who helped make it happen. Our students had a wonderful night and lasting memories.

A special thanks to the following individuals:

Ryan Alsup
Kelli Myrick
Nicole Walbeck
Molly Cowles
Yacina Tamendjari
Vanessa Sanchez
Pamela Taylor
Brandon Bragg

STEM students learn about the life cycles

nature center field trip
nature center field trip
Field trip!
STEM 3rd graders spent the day at Carson Nature Center to enhance their unit on animal adaptions and life cycles. The students had a blast catching craw fish and minnows! Thank you to the chaperones who helped make this a special memory.
For more information about Carson Nature Center:

STEM students working with college students to try and solve a problem on Mars

Gliders on Mars?
STEM Secondary Engineering students are tackling a PBL unit that is also currently being investigated by college students at University of Colorado Colorado Springs. A special thanks to Dr. Lynanne George, Senior Instructor of Space Syhttps://stems at UCCS for taking the time to virtually meet with STEM students to present this task. Here’s a more detailed description of what the students are trying to do:
“Microsoft wants to build autonomous tech for aircraft that require little to no power to fly. While these other forms of transport have been partly limited by power needs, the glider would use energy available in the atmosphere itself, explained Adrien Bouskela, an aerospace engineering doctoral student at the University of Arizona. “It’s kind of a leap forward in those methods of extending missions,” he said. “Because the main question is: How can you fly for free? How can you use the wind that’s there, the thermal dynamics that are there, to avoid using solar panels and relying on batteries that need to be charged?”

STEM students and staff attend high school recruiting event in Parker

STEM school visit

STEM’s first high school recruiting event is in the books.  Thank you to American Academy in Parker for hosting us and allowing for new parents and students to learn about the benefits of attending STEM.

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