STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (03/29/24)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Headshot of Jennifer Laske

Jennifer Laske


Dr. Laske always helps me when I don’t understand a problem, she always puts her students above herself. Every time we have a test, she asks us what to bake and gives it to us on the test day. She takes time to make her lesson notes as detailed and understandable as possible, which really helps me when I get stuck on a problem.

Headshot of Ryan Alsup

Ryan Alsup


Ryan is always willing to lend a helping hand. When I need advice or even actual physical help with athletic events, Ryan comes through in a timely fashion. He will do everything from helping to supervise an event to setting up and taking down chairs for events. He never complains and does everything with a great attitude. He truly has a heart for STEM and the students and staff here!

Headshot of Stephanie Hart

Stephanie Hart


Stephanie worked around the clock to plan Keystone. She had some last-minute issues with communication, forms, meds, payment, etc… She headed up two trips back-to-back and spent more than one sleepless night tending to her students. She then made sure that every sixth grader had a memorable trip! She is a ROCK STAR for our students! Thank you, Stephanie!!

Headshot of Megan Shapiro

Megan Shapiro

Headshot of Melanie Fitzroy

Melanie Fitzroy

Headshot of Mackenzie Harper

Mackenzie Harper


Megan & Melanie made a wonderful presentation to parents and students interested in attending TSA Nationals in Orlando Florida this summer. I am always impressed by their presentations, the professionalism, confidence, and thoroughness of the information is always top-notch! Thank you for being awesome and being amazing STEM representatives!


Mackenzie works so hard to bring real-world PBL to our students. She works tirelessly to support our teachers and students in all aspects of unit planning. We are incredibly lucky to have her.

Headshot of Kathy Dwyer

Kathy Dwyer


Kathy works so hard to support all of our teachers and students, and she does it with so much empathy and care. Her dedication is STEM is incredible. We are truly lucky to have her.

Headshot of Stephanie Hart

Stephanie Hart


Steph did an AMAZING job organizing and leading the 6th-grade Keystone Field Trip! There were tons of moving parts and many, many last-second changes. The kids all said they loved the trip!

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