STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (03/31/23)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.

Headshot of Yacina Tamendjari

Yacina Tamendjari


Yacina has been a great team member! I can always depend on her and she is such an encouragement!

Headshot of Maria Fountain

Maria Fountain


I’d like to nominate Maria Fountain, respecting her for her hard work and dedication in keeping our school clean. Maria puts in hours of work. Maria is working all hours. She even comes in after hours to help with the building. We have a wonderfully clean environment because of her. But the best part of it all isn’t that. It’s that she’s doing it with a smile. She is the kindest person. I know I speak for many that we thoroughly appreciate all that she does for us as a whole school. We need to come together to help her. It’s the little things, like picking up a piece of trash in the hallway. I know she can use all the help she can get. (:

Headshot of Michelle Gasser

Michelle Gasser


Michelle (and her team) have worked really hard this year to build out multiple CE and P-Tech pathways for our students. At the beginning of the year, we had lofty goals for our programs that seemed far away. After everything we’ve accomplished this year, it seems like the sky is the limit going forward.

Eric Hicks


Eric Hicks always starts his day with a smile. He greets and checks in with staff members every morning in the lounge to ensure they are doing okay.

Brian Moore


Brian Moore has been gracious to our track and field team by letting us use his room for our practices. Thanks, Brian. We appreciate you!

Michael Link


Being a great team member and always willing to listen to others’ perspectives.

Headshot of Christine Logue

Christine Logue

Headshot ot Tami Brook

Tami Brook

Madison Slater


This group of teachers is the BEST! They work so hard, and our team is strong. They have supported me through some really difficult emotional moments after the loss of my son last summer. They have made sure I feel supported and like a valued member of the team. They did not give up on me. They are always there with a hug and encouraging words or just to listen. Thank you, ladies for being there for me and for your extra care during this painful time!! I could not have gotten this far without you.

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