STEM’s FRC Team Impulse overcome challenges with strong finish

Another exciting update from STEM’s First Robotics Team. Here is the summary from coach Jack Graber:
“Good Morning Everyone –
It is my honor to let you know that Team Impulse has again had their most successful season to date, despite our challenges this year.
We won the Imagery award at the St Louis regional. This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance.
At the Colorado regional we were selected for the 3rd seed alliance in finals. We won three of our four semi-final matches. After the loss in semi’s against the 1st seed alliance we were able to win our way through the lower bracket to compete in Finals. In finals we lost two matches against the 1st seed alliance. It was an absolute blast to get to play with and against such amazing teams.
I was also honored as the Woodie Flowers Finalist at the Colorado Regional. That was completely unexpected and a huge honor for me to receive. This award recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job of motivation through communication while also challenging the students to be clear and succinct in their communications. As such, it is very important that this be a student-led effort and a student decision.
Because of these achievements we have two blue banners to hang in the gym and 2 trophies to put in the trophy case. (All of the FRC award banners are blue so we always say blue banner.)
It’s been a very tough season for the team and they deserve so much recognition for the success this season.
Thank you
-Jack Graber
FRC Team IMPULSE #4418″
STEM's FRC team

Jeff Maher

Communications Manager at STEM.

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