STEM Staff Shout-Outs! (04/08/22)

Staff Shout Outs

Each week, members of the STEM Staff recognize their fellow teammates for the elements from the Formula for Character that they were exhibiting. Check out this week’s teachers that were honored.


Rocki Sugrue


Rocki is very generous with her time and has a huge heart for the students. She has provided breakfast and pizzas for the staff and clubs. Thanks for all you do, you ROCK!

Mackenzie Campbell

Respect & Responsibility

Mackenzie’s work with her students always seems rooted in showing them respect and helping them excel academically while assuming responsibility. Mackenzie goes above and beyond for students. She goes out of her way to greet all students in the cotaught class and wishes each student a good day as he or she leaves. She supports all students, going above and beyond her caseload. She collaborates well with teachers to do what is best for students!

Chris Smith


Chris Smith gave me a trap table! It might seem small but it was a big sacrifice. As a result, my students are not huddled in masses. They now have the space to breathe and be creative. He is a patron of the arts and a giant among men.

McKenna Gimbel


McKenna has been working extra hard to help cover lunches and driveline with all the IA’s that have been out this week.

Kathy Dwyer

Becky Hathaway

Ben Johnston


Kathy, Becky, and Ben were incredible on the Sea Camp trip to San Diego. They embodied all 5 elements of character so it was hard to choose just one. Chaperoning 51 7th graders through airports and throughout the trip was no easy task, but it flowed seamlessly due to their paragon of responsibility and dedication.

Alex Nardi

Amy Barker


Alex and Amy have worked diligently to provide exceptional support for our students academically as well as in their social-emotional wellbeing. They meet with students regularly and provide clear feedback to teachers on how to best support students who are struggling.

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