STEM Wins First Pitch Competition at STEM Day at the Rockies

STEM's First Pitch Team

Congratulations to STEM’s First Pitch Team which designed the winning Robot to toss out the first MLB pitch in Rockies history! An amazing accomplishment and the team could not be more thrilled to have won today’s competition to be chosen for such an honor.

STEM’s team had three pitches to Dinger using the robot our First Pitch team designed. All three balls made it to Dinger at 50 feet and six inches away. Our team came here to win and that’s exactly what happened! The crowd chose STEM as the team that would throw out today’s first pitch for the Rockies vs. Nationals game, beating Mountain Vista High School.

When it came time for the first pitch, STEM’s robot delivered a perfect strike right over home plate and the crowd cheered our team on!

STEM’s First Pitch team:  Gabe Paladino, Donald Paladino, Tyler Paulter, Brent Weiffenbach, Joe DiGrappa, Ian Boraks, Anthony Sagrati, Micah Thomas, Maya Fitzgibbons and Aiden Frey.

STEM also took part in an egg drop competition, where our team designed a protective egg casing to try and safeguard an egg being dropped by a drone from over 100 feet in the air.  The egg cracked upon impact, but our team still did an excellent job with the design and challenge itself.

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