Welcome Back! A Message from the STEM Board of Directors

STEM Board of Directors

Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Families,

Welcome to the New School Year!!

Your Board of Directors at STEM is so happy that you are joining us for what we hope will be an amazing school year. If you are new to STEM, welcome! If you are one of our returning families, welcome back and we are so happy to have your students continue their education at STEM.

Your Board of Directors at STEM is an entirely volunteer-member group that works to ensure that the mission and vision of STEM School Highlands Ranch is being met. STEM School Highlands Ranch is a self-governed charter school authorized by DCSD. The Board sets the school’s policies and where a policy is not developed, we follow DCSD’s policies.

We hold our monthly Board Meetings on the first Tuesday of each month and this year we will be in person in the High School Commons. We will not be offering a virtual option this year. Anyone who would like to speak at a Board Meeting can do so by signing up for Public Comment in advance. You can find out more about that process on our website.

You can also read about each one of our Board Members by clicking on each member’s profile. We also welcome any communication directly to the Board via email at https://stem.board@https://stemk12.org. Please keep in mind that there are specific things that the Board does not get involved with. Below is a short video on what the Board does and doesn’t do.

As several of our Board Members are current parents of students at STEM, we know that these first first weeks are hectic and can be a time of high stress. We want to assure you that it will all settle and operate smoothly as all of our new families get onboarded.

There are many ways for you to get involved to make STEM an amazing place for our students and our staff so please consider getting involved. Our Board Member and STEM parent Kelly Reyna volunteers often in our Elementary School Driveline. You can see her helping students into the car, stacking cars and helping families get familiar with how our Driveline works.

One of our Board Members, Roy Martinez, shared the below reflections with our team that we wanted to share with you.

50 years ago, my teachers insisted I write with my right hand like everybody else though I am left handed. Today STEM kids are learning to code starting in kindergarten; their individuality and diversity is celebrated.

50 years ago, my public school announced they weren’t going to grade students just advance them. My family sent me to a private school. My friends who remained did not do as well economically or have the same opportunities in life. STEM provided my kids the best education possible, better than any of our private school options today. STEM prepared them to continue succeeding, to explore their dreams and love learning.

50 years ago, my school advanced everyone in lockstep. Nobody in my 3rd grade reading group could advance until everyone read at the same level. At the end of the year, we all advanced and read at the lowest level of our peer group. STEM allows our kids to find their potential instead of forcing homogeneity. This is one of the secret sauces brewed at STEM. My oldest started at STEM behind in math and ahead in other subjects. By learning how to perform at a high level in her best subjects, she discovered how to get better in her worst. Her peer group in her advanced classes influenced her to catch up in math. Homogeneity was achieved with the best achievers at STEM.

I could go on, but you get the idea. You can see it in your own children. My passion as a board member is to do whatever I can to keep this opportunity at STEM for every student. What about STEM inspires you?

We hope each and every one of you has an amazing school year. We can do this together because we are #STEMStrongerTogether.

Thank you,

Rudy Lukez, STEM Board Chair
Roy Martinez
Nicole Smith
Ramesh Thatavarthi
Kelly Reyna
Carla Gustafson
Nate Angell
Michelle Horne

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